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The Glade Creek stream restoration project repaired badly eroded banks, reduced sedimentation in stream water and improved trout and aquatic life habitat.

Project Description

Biohabitats was retained by the NC Ecosystem Enhancement Program to restore unstable and eroded channel on approximately 2,430 feet of Glade Creek and approximately 275 feet on an unnamed tributary to Glade Creek, in the mountains of Alleghany County, North Carolina. The channel had become entrenched and unstable due to increased storm flows caused by intensive agricultural practices and logging in the watershed. The channel pattern, profile and dimension were reconfigured to improve stability, allow floodwaters access to the floodplain, and improve instream habitat. Glade Creek is a designated trout stream in North Carolina. The NC Wildlife Resources Commission has expressed interest in restocking the strain of brook trout native to North Carolina in the restored unnamed tributary to Glade Creek. An existing beaver pond on Glade Creek was incorporated into the restoration design. This innovative approach will allow the beavers to maintain the pond while the restored channel bypasses the pond to allow for fish passage.



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Cape Fear River

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North Carolina Ecosystem Enhancement Program


Alleghany County, North Carolina, United States