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A city’s commitment to tree preservation helped earn it a Chesapeake Bay Partner Community Award.

Project Description

The City of Rockville, located about 30 minutes northwest of Washington, DC, is Maryland’s largest incorporated city.

Temporarily acting as Forestry Inspector for the City’s Forestry Department, Biohabitats reviewed Forest Stand Delineations and Forest Conservation Plans submitted to the City as required by its Forest and Tree Preservation Ordinance. The work included field verification of plan accuracy and completeness. Biohabitats also periodically inspected active construction sites to verify compliance with City ordinances regarding forest and tree protection measures. Post planting inspections and post invasive species treatment inspections were conducted to verify that those tasks were conducted following City specifications.

All of Biohabitats’ review and inspection results were reported to the City Forestry Department along with recommendations. Enforcement of the tree ordinance used by the City of Rockville is an effective way to conserve, manage, and improve their urban forests, especially during the current level rapid land development in the local area.



Chesapeake/Delaware Bays

Physiographic Province

Piedmont Plateau


Middle Potomac

Expertise Areas

Conservation, Ecological Restoration, Urban Ecology


City of Rockville


Rockville, Maryland, United States