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Over a century ago, Louisville, Kentucky was envisioned as a “City of Parks.” Spanning over 3,200 acres along 19 miles of meandering stream, the Floyds Fork Greenway is bringing this vision to life.

Project Description

As a key member of a multi-firm consultant team for the Floyds Fork Greenway Master Plan, Biohabitats performed a Geographic Information System (GIS)-based inventory and analysis of natural resources within the project area to help identify conservation and restoration opportunities and guide the master plan’s arrangement of park uses, programs, and facilities.

The work included GIS data collection and interpretation of items such as geology, soils, water resources, and landscape ecology within the watershed. The project team used this information to help develop greater understanding of interpretive opportunities, and identify the area’s natural resources. Biohabitats has also helped field-identify existing wetlands and develop map exhibits for the ongoing ecological baseline study.

This project earned a Merit Award for Master Planning in the National Park Service’s “Designing the Parks” competition.



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Jefferson County, Kentucky, United States