At a Glance

Woody debris structures provide bank stability and habitat enhancement to an urbanized creek.

Project Description

Fanno Creek is an urbanized tributary of the Tualatin River. Storm flows eroded a section of the creek on private property in Beaverton, Oregon and contributed large amounts of sediment into the channel. Clean Water Services (CWS) worked with a private landowner to gain cooperative access to the reach to perform assessment and design work.

Biohabitats worked with CWS staff to install a bioengineered stream bank stabilization structure. Materials included over 20 root wads, 40 logs, slash, willow cuttings, and coir fabric lifts. Project elements included the diversion of Fanno Creek and dewatering of the isolated work zone. Biohabitats used 10″ electric submersible pumps to divert up to 10 cubic feet per second throughout the duration of the project. Biohabitats coordinated fish rescue and salvage efforts.

The reach now has bank stability that includes a large woody debris habitat element providing cover for fish and other aquatic species during high flow events. When Fanno Creek accesses its floodplain, the floodplain structures provide a measure of habitat cover as well.




Physiographic Province

Oregon Coast Range


Tualatin River

Expertise Areas

Design & Build, Ecological Restoration, General Contracting


Clean Water Services


Beaverton, Oregon, United States

Project Team
  • Endicott-Woods Enterprises
  • Pioneer Waterproofing
  • Stantec