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Biohabitats is using an effective mix of engineering, ecology, and landscape architecture to help SEMSWA bring habitat and community involvement into their stormwater management activities.

Project Description

Southern Denver’s Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority (SEMSWA) is actively assisting these communities to better understand operations and practices associated with stormwater projects. As part of an on-call contract to provide SEMSWA with ecological services, Biohabitats developed a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for U.S. Clean Water Act 404 permitting for its maintenance projects. The project provided guidelines determining permit needs, protocols and contacts for particular projects. It also included consideration of Endangered Species Act requirements related to 404 permitting. Biohabitats prepared a related fact sheet for reference and training.

Biohabitats also developed an SOP for utilizing volunteers to re-vegetate and assess vegetation at SEMSWA construction sites along riparian and wetland areas. This SOP covered items such as the type of projects appropriate for volunteer use and the different roles and responsibilities necessary for effective volunteer projects. Biohabitats worked closely with the Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners, who served as the example project partner with SEMSWA, to coordinate volunteer groups and maintenance activities. Biohabitats developed a brief and simple assessment method for volunteers to use in following up revegetation efforts and monitoring post-construction health of wetland and riparian areas.



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Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority


Centennial, Colorado, United States