Project Description

Daybreak is a 4,000-acre, master-planned community that is expected to be built out by 2020. One-third of the land is being kept as open space, providing residents with many recreational opportunities. The major focal point of the community will be Oquirrh Lake, an 85-acre manmade lake that will be used for fishing and non-motorized boating.

To meet stringent water quality goals, including clarity, Biohabitats designed a series of interconnected features such as in-lake wetlands/planting shelves, fish habitat, a recirculating waterfall, water features, and bottom aeration. Stormwater pocket wetlands were constructed on the perimeter of the lake to intercept, treat, and infiltrate stormwater runoff from the surrounding community, thus greatly reducing the impact of runoff on water quality. Biohabitats, along with landscape architects Design Workshop, collaborated on the layout and grading of the lake, water circulation patterns, and design of an operable weir that creates a constant waterfall at the entrance to the community. The weir serves multiple functions as a flood-control device, spectacular water feature and water-quality control point.



Southern Rocky Mountain

Physiographic Province

Middle Rocky Mountains


Jordan River

Expertise Areas

Infrastructure, Urban Ecology, Water


Kennecott Land


South Jordan, Utah, United States