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Once at risk of development, 213 acres of land along the Cuyahoga River is integrated into the property, programming, and conservation and engagement missions of a U.S. National Park.

Project Description

As ecological experts on a team led by Studio Zewde, Biohabitats helped the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park (Conservancy) and the National Park Service create a master plan for a newly acquired park property, a former golf course that was at risk of being developed.

After purchasing the 213-acre property, which was located within the heart of Cuyahoga Valley National Park and bordered by the Cuyahoga River, the Conservancy transferred 198 acres to the National Park Service and retained 15 acres for Conservancy programming.

To gain understanding of the site’s cultural, historic, and ecological history and context, the planning team began by examining the site’s evolution from its earliest human settlement by indigenous peoples to its most recent use as a golf course. During this phase, Biohabitats assessed and analyzed the site’s vegetation, water resources, habitat conditions and communities, and invasive species threats. As a foundation for the planning effort, Biohabitats then developed an ecological overlay diagram to highlight conservation and restoration opportunities. During the development of the site conceptual plan, Biohabitats also provided feedback associated with ecological considerations.

Biohabitats also helped the planning team engage and garner input from the public and key stakeholders throughout the process. The final plan, which was informed by this input, as well as the Conservancy’s pre-established vision for the site, will guide the creation of a space where arts, culture, and conservation thrive, and where river access is readily available.



Great Lakes

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Conservation, Ecological Restoration


Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park


Peninsula, Ohio, United States

Project Team
  • Chagrin Valley Engineering