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The 20-year master plan identifies amenities for the park and serves as a template for the most efficient layout of athletic facilities on the 467-acre parcel for long-term improvement, maintenance, and use of the complex.

Project Description

In 2021, Columbia County, home to 70,000 residents, acquired 467 acres of land with the intent of developing a new multipurpose field sports complex and a subsequent 20-year master plan. This land purchase resulted from studies indicating the need to enhance the County's flat field inventory to increase its competitiveness in sports tourism.

The property has unique natural features that the County desired to incorporate into the plan. These features included a stream and it's riparian area that flow across the northern portion of the property, as well as numerous large live oak trees. Biohabitats teamed with TBG to develop the Park Master Plan, provide natural resource and stormwater consulting services, and guide Columbia County Regional Park to a more sustainable feature. Biohabitats incorporated cost efficient, best management practices for invasive species control and native meadow establishment relevant to sustainable planning strategies. The team addressed important areas of concern including habitat protection, habitat corridor identification, minimization of light pollution, protection of the existing aquatic features, and outlining potential mitigation opportunities.



Southeast Atlantic

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Climate Change, Conservation, Ecological Restoration


Columbia County Park


Lake City, Florida, United States

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