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A holistic open space and trails plan provides strategies to support ecosystem stewardship and equitable access for a growing urban community.

Project Description

In order to respond to shifting demographics and an evolving economic climate, the City of Norcross, GA, aimed to establish a holistic parks, trails, and open space plan to better serve the community and protect its natural assets. On a team led by Perez Planning and Design (PP+D), Biohabitats provided the ecological and hydrological foundations for this planning effort.

Through a detailed geospatial analysis and a rapid site assessment of the city’s existing open space and natural areas, Biohabitats identified potential opportunities for strengthening and expanding the City’s parkland and greenway connectivity in a way that protects and enhances its sensitive nature areas including wetlands, streams, and forest patches. Engagement with the community and the client throughout the planning process provided ample opportunity for ensuring the proposed strategies met community needs and expectations. Biohabitats provided recommendations for ecological stewardship, protection, and enhancement as well as integrated green infrastructure strategies that were woven into the final plan. Opportunities identified in the plan included holistic approaches to stormwater management, preservation, and restoration of important stream corridors and forested areas that also serve as expanded parkland accessible to the community.

The final plan guides investment, management, acquisition, and programming strategies that can support the stewardship of Norcross’ local ecosystems in the years to come while providing equitable access to open space for all community members. Through exploring and defining ecological enhancement opportunities that considered landscape ecology, ecosystem services, and diverse community demographics and needs, Biohabitats helped the City of Norcross achieve their sustainability and resiliency goals.



Southeast Atlantic

Expertise Areas

Climate Change, Conservation, Ecological Restoration, Water


City of Norcross


Norcross, Georgia, United States

Project Team
  • Perez Planning and Design