At a Glance

Upper Three Runs Creek, near Aiken, has been identified as having one of the most diverse populations of aquatic macroinvertebrates in the world.

Project Description

The City of Aiken, South Carolina is located in the Sandhills region, with the Piedmont to the north and the Coastal Plain to the south. This convergence of physiographic provinces supports a very unique suite of habitats, and contains a stream with possibly the most diverse assemblage of macroinvertebrates documented anywhere in the world.

In an effort to preserve its open spaces and valuable natural resources, the City of Aiken initiated a planning effort to identify and assess environmental areas as well as historic and educational points of interest. Biohabitats assessed the planning area, identified valuable natural, historic, cultural and educational resources, ranked their importance and recommended a strategy to maximize open space and habitat quality.

Biohabitats’ inventory provided the City with valuable information that will help guide future land use decisions.



Southeast Atlantic

Physiographic Province

Sandhills, Piedmont and Coastal Plain


South Fork Edisto & Middle Savannah

Expertise Areas

Community, Conservation, Urban Ecology, Water


City of Aiken Planning Department


Aiken, South Carolina, United States