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Cedar Springs Apartments is an affordable housing community with a goal to reduce potable water consumption through the treatment and reuse of greywater.

Project Description

A Community of Friends (ACOF) is one of the largest non-profit affordable housing developers in the Los Angeles area, and strives to provide safe housing for homeless, disabled, and very low income persons that is also sustainably built and maintained. Cedar Springs Apartments is a multi-family affordable housing community located in La Verne, California, approximately 30 miles east of Los Angeles. The community, which consists of 36 residential units, a community building, and a retail building, sought a solution for reducing potable water use.

Biohabitats designed and permitted a greywater treatment and reuse system to collect greywater from the building lavatory sinks, showers, and laundry machines and treat it to meet 100% of the non-potable demand for in-building toilet flushing and site irrigation. The system consists of a textile filter, followed by microfiltration and disinfection. The use of the system will save 605,000 gallons of potable water annually, or about 12.1 million gallons over a 20 year period. Cedar Springs has earned LEED for Homes Platinum Certification.





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A Community of Friends


La Verne, California, United States

Project Team
  • Green Dinosaur
  • Gonzalez Goodale Architects
  • MJS Design Group
  • United Civil, Inc., civil engineer
  • SY Lee Associates, Inc.
  • Walton Construction
  • Davis Construction Plumbing