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Protection, restoration and management strategies will be implemented in a predictable, economical, yet flexible manner to protect and enhance natural resources at the Bronx Zoo.

Project Description

After assessing the ecological conditions of the Bronx Zoo and contributing recommendations for the Zoo’s Master Plan, Biohabitats was called upon by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WSC) to prepare a Woodland Management and Stormwater Management Plan for the Bronxdale Upland Riparian Restoration Project. These two management plans are a significant step in WCS’s efforts to employ environmentally sustainable design initiatives throughout the Zoo’s ongoing development and operations.

For the Woodland Management Plan, Biohabitats developed a woodland restoration action plan based on an adaptive management framework. The plan addressed issues such as invasive plant species management, aged tree replacement, native woodland planting, and soil regeneration strategies. It also included a framework for directing the allocation of funds, materials and labor to implement recommended actions. Finally, the plan provided a detailed schedule (including timing and frequency) for implementing specific woodland restoration action items.

The Stormwater Management Plan focused on the integration of water quality best management practices to treat stormwater from impervious surfaces. Biohabitats identified many opportunities and a wide variety of BMP treatment methods for the site. Based on a prioritization schedule, Biohabitats will develop detailed design and construction drawings for a bioretention facility to treat stormwater.



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Bronx, New York, United States