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Biohabitats worked with Rutger’s CUES to develop a master plan that helps guide the long-term sustainability of an extensive urban park system.

Project Description

he park system in Bergen County, New Jersey, is the reflection of an historic evolution, as various properties were acquired over a period of decades. Spread over 9,000 acres, the system includes parks, golf courses, equestrian centers, historic sites, a zoo, and an environmental center. Due to the diversity of amenities, opportunities, and experiences offered by these properties, the Bergen County Department of Parks lacked an overall strategy that would maximize the potential of each individual park and guide park system development into the future.

As the environmental consultant on a planning team led by Rutgers’ Center for Urban Environmental Sustainability, Biohabitats assisted the team in creating a long-range Master Plan to maximize the recreational and environmental qualities of each park property while sustainably protecting, managing, and enhancing the collective park system.

Biohabitats began by characterizing and evaluating existing ecological conditions and stormwater management in a series of County parks, and from these identified opportunities for ecological enhancement and green infrastructure improvements that could provide additional ecosystem services such as stormwater management, habitat, water quality improvement, and aesthetics. Biohabitats also assisted the team in analyzing existing strengths, programs, and opportunities, as well as future active and passive recreational options for each of the individual park properties. Biohabitats also assisted the team with engaging with and gathering input and feedback from local residents, stakeholders, and an Advisory Board.

The goal of the Master Plan effort will be a compilation of information on Bergen County’s recreation and open spaces as well as current and future needs of County residents, and recommendations about where investment is most urgently needed to provide appropriate service to residents and maintain parks with the greatest economic efficiency now and into the future.



Hudson River

Physiographic Province

Piedmont & Highlands


Hackensack and Passaic River

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Center for Urban Environmental Sustainability Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey


Bergen County, New Jersey, United States

Project Team
  • Rutgers Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center (VTC)
  • Eventage, Inc
  • Town Square Consulting
  • DNA Brand Mechanics