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In order to meet a broad range of NPDES services, Anne Arundel County contracted Biohabitats for an on-call contract that would include three service categories.

Project Description

Biohabitats was selected to help with three service categories for an on‐call contract covering a broad range of NPDES services. To meet the requirements of the NPDES MS4 permit, Anne Arundel County identified six stormwater treatment retrofits that were originally constructed prior to 2002 and recently retrofitted to achieve additional water quality volume treatment and obtain credit for the County. Original as-built plans and stormwater computations were investigated, drainage areas delineated, and impervious area treated for these six sites. The pollutant load reductions were computed and documented. These areas were then certified by a professional engineer and submitted to Anne Arundel County DPW's Watershed Protection and Restoration Program as GIS shape files or other electronic files for the County’s efforts to document its efforts to meet NPDES MS4 permit requirements.

A monitoring program was developed to gather basic ecological health information about the County’s rivers and streams. A total of 13 sites were sampled during the Summer Index Period (June - September) for fisheries and salamanders. Data was collected at each sample station using methodologies developed by the Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works. The work included a brief QC report that summarizes the results that will be developed for Summer Index Period.The Baltimore Harbor PCB TMDL Restoration Plan identifies and locates watershed sources of PCBs; evaluates the likelihood of continuing environmental release of PCBs, and recommends strategies for monitoring. Further, the plan identifies strategies and physical actions needed to remediate sites where monitoring confirms the continuing release of PCBs. The recommended strategies/actions achieve the Stormwater Waste Load Allocation reductions set forth in the TMDL. The plan identifies reduction/remediation strategies and physical actions necessary and the associated timeframe for implementation.



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Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works


Anne Arundel County, Maryland, United States