Enjoy the advantages of Design-Build

Working with living, dynamic ecosystems requires finesse, adaptability, and unique design and construction methods.

Biohabitats provides Design-Build and general contracting services for ecological restoration, green infrastructure, urban ecology, stormwater management, and natural wastewater treatment/water reuse services.

Benefits of Design–Build
Where We Work

Seamless Design and Construction

We provide design-build services for the following work:

  • Design

    1. Concept Design
    2. Community & Stakeholder Facilitation
    3. Design & Construction Packages
    4. Cost Estimating
    5. Design Constructability & Feasibility Review
    6. Regulatory Permit Compliance
    7. Pre & Post Construction Monitoring
  • Construction

    1. Construction Project Management
    2. Excavation & Grading
    3. Erosion & Sediment Control
    4. Clearing & Grubbing
    5. Invasive Species Management
    6. Prescribed Burning
    7. Revegetation (Site Preparation, Planting, Seeding)
    8. Habitat Enhancement Features
    9. In-Water/Marine Work
    10. Commissioning
    11. As-Built Drawings