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Mariners Marsh Park and Arlington Marsh–Design, Master Planning and Environmental Services

The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (NYC Parks) is engaging the local community in reimagining two former brownfield sites along the North Shore of Staten Island. Through a master planning process, NYC Parks is exploring the best and most innovative opportunities to enhance public access and environmental conditions for Mariners Marsh and Arlington Marsh.

As ecological and restoration design consultant on a team led by SWA/Balsley, Biohabitats is helping NYC Parks craft a strategic approach to restore and remediate the sites in a way that transforms the land for the benefit of the local ecology and adjacent human community. Balancing the magnitude and impact of interventions, the team is developing a phased restoration and remediation strategy and a plan for site-sensitive landscape design that provides safe public access to the site and leverages its significant ecological assets and improvements to date.

To inform the plan, Biohabitats is performing an assessment of the site’s ecology. In addition to studying ecological assets, the team is also evaluating factors such as potential coastal resiliency measures, access and circulation, community park needs, and opportunities for integration with regional systems. Biohabitats will communicate findings in plain English to an audience of stakeholders, public agencies and the local community.

Biohabitats will work with SWA/Balsley to develop holistic design plans that integrate function, maintenance, material, and operations considerations into innovative and sensitive designs. Design plans will aim to spark public imagination, foster waterfront access and environmental education, and create opportunities for partnerships and local stewardship. The final result of our efforts will be an actionable master plan that compiles plan goals, prioritizes investments, identifies capital inefficiencies, includes recommendations for balance of restoration/protection and public access/reactivation, and presents an implementation strategy, phasing plan, and preliminary cost estimate.

Project Profile (PDF)