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Euclid Creek Habitat Restoration Concept Plan Development

The Euclid Creek Watershed, located on the eastern side of Cleveland, drains to Lake Erie. Decades of development in the upper watershed have resulted in increased flows, which have caused Euclid Creek and many of its tributaries to become widened and incised. Poor riparian management has further contributed to the degradation of habitat.

In an effort to improve water quality and habitat in the watershed, Biohabitats worked with the Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District to develop conceptual plans for two reaches on Euclid Creek and one reach of a tributary to Euclid Creek. The team also developed an overall strategic management plan for the Mayfield Sands Golf Course, located in the upper watershed.

Biohabitats performed a visual assessment of the three sites conditions, analyzed existing conditions through literature review, performed initial agency outreach, and developed conceptual designs and estimates to assist in further recruitment of funding for the next project phase.

Project Profile (PDF)