We Rise We Rise: The Earth Guardians Guide to Building a Movement that Restores the Planet by Xiuhtezcatl Martinez (See book review in this issue of Leaf Litter)

The Young Activist’s Guide to Building a Green Movement and Changing the World by Sharon J. Smith

Web Sites

A Focus On Nature has sought to encourage and connect young people in the U.K. aged 16 to 30 who share a passion for the natural world.

Australian Youth Climate Coalition is building a movement of young people leading solutions to the climate crisis.

Brower Youth Award, a program of Earth Island Institute’s New Leaders Initiative,

CoalitionWILD, a core project of the WILD Foundation, works internationally to galvanize, connect, and equip the world’s young change makers to tackle Earth’s greatest conservation and sustainability challenges.

Conference of Youth (COY) – COY13 is organized by young volunteers and intends to empower youth with regard to climate justice, climate policy and sustainability through a multilingual programme consisting of methodical and content-related sessions.

Earth Force provides middle school educators with the training and support they need to create an engaging, hands-on classroom that empowers students to solve environmental problems.

Earth Guardians is a global “tribe of young activists, artists, and musicians” stepping up as leaders

Environmental Youth Alliance is a Canadian organization that cultivates transformative nature experiences for children and youth in urban environments to foster community connectedness, build ecological leadership skills, and enhance their well-being

Free Your Voice, the youth-led human rights organization in Baltimore’s Curtis Bay community

Green Africa Youth Organization aims to become Ghana’s most extensive organisation that guides individual conscious choices in promoting environmental friendliness and safety.

Green Corps is “the field school for environmental organizing.”

Kids Speak for Parks, the organization founded by 9-year-old Robbie Bond

LEAF, The Nature Conservancy’s Leaders for Environmental Action for the Future program

Nature and Youth is a Norwegian organization comprised of local groups that works to put pressure on politicians and bureaucrats, and point out environment-friendly solutions.

Roots & Shoots is a youth service program founded by Dr. Jane Goodall, aims to foster respect and compassion for all living things, to promote understanding of all cultures and beliefs, and to inspire each individual to take action to make the world a better place for people, other animals, and the environment.

Students on Ice educates the world’s youth about the importance of the Polar Regions to support their continued growth and to inspire initiatives that contribute to global sustainability.

UK Youth Climate Coalition

UN Environment’s Young Champions of the Earth

United Workers, the parent organization to Free Your Voice, a youth-led human rights organization in Baltimore’s Curtis Bay community

Brower Youth Award, a program of the Earth Island Institute that is dedicated to identifying, supporting and sustaining young  environmental leaders, is awarded annually to six young leaders making strides in the environmental movement

Movement in Green Initiative & Goddard Prize for Environmental Conservancy

Rooted and Rising, which aims to spark dialogue between generations of environmentalists

The Starfish Canada is an organization that celebrates and amplifies environmental, solutions-based stories across the nation, with a focus on youth-based initiatives. The organization highlights the Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25. is Xiuhtezcatl Martinez’ web site.

YOUNGO – official youth NGO constituency recognized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). YOUNGO has organized and hosted a Conference Of Youth (COY- see above) each year, immediately prior to the annual Conference of Parties (COP) to the UNFCCC, in the same country as COP.

Youth 4 African Wildlife works with youths all over the world to create global conservation ambassadors. They raise awareness through experiential research, social media, photography and film

Youth Climate Action Network of Samoa

Youth for Environmental Sustainability Network

Youth for Wildlife Conservation


Young Professional Organizations

Alliance for Great Lakes Young Professional Council

American Academy of Environmental Engineers Young Professionals Program

NW Environmental Business Council Young Environmental Professionals

New England Water Env. Association Young Professionals Committee

Ohio Water Environment Association Young Professionals Committee

Pennsylvania Water Environment Association Young Professionals Committee

Virginia Water Environment Association Young Professionals Committee

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