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Explore our list of recommended reading and links for more information on Ecological Construction, Planting, & Management.

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In addition to the many links that appear throughout this issue (including those you provided in response to our survey, we have gathered the following recommended resources on ecological restoration construction, planting and management.

The Society for Ecological Restoration International (SER)  is an excellent resource for project owners, managers, designers, educators, students and contractors. SER recently launched an invaluable resource — the Global Restoration Network (GRN) , a new database and web-based portal to trustworthy and hard-to-find information on all aspects of restoration, from historic ecosystems and recent causes of degradation to in-depth case studies and proven restoration techniques. SER’s Guidelines for Developing and Managing Ecological Restoration Projects (2nd Edition) describes some of the more important considerations for the design and implementation of restoration projects. The SER International Primer on Ecological Restoration is also a helpful resource.

Construction Industry Compliance Assistance Center is your source for contractors which provides plain language explanations of environmental rules for the construction industry.

Thompson, J. William and Kim Sorvig, 2000. Sustainable Landscape Construction: A Guide To Green Building Outdoors. Island Press.

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