Check out these links for more information about continental connectivity and efforts to protect and connect the world’s wildways.

The Adirondack Council

Alpine Ecological Network 

The Big Outside by Dave Foreman

Conservation Biology Institute 

Conservation International

Continental Conservation: Scientific Foundations of Regional Reserve Networks Edited by Michael E. Soulè and John Terborgh

Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

Convention on Migratory Species (CMS)

The EcoConnect project aims at the enhancement of ecological connectivity across the Alpine range.

Ecological networks – SPEN and KEN projects

Endangered ecosystems of the United States a preliminary assessment of loss and degradation by Reed Noss

(European) Centre for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development

European Green Belt – Create the backbone of an ecological network 

Flyway Cities Coalition 

Freedom to Roam 

Italian Ecological Network – An approach for Italian vertebrates conservation

LandScope America, a collaborative project of NatureServe and the National Geographic Society, brings together maps, data, photos and stories and presents them in dynamic and accessible formats. It provides tools and resources for strategic conservation planning and priority-setting.

National Wildlife Federation’s “Flyways and Corridors”

Naturalia, A.C.  promotes the conservation of Mexico´s ecosystems and wild species through outreach, environmental education, and the development of field conservation activities.

Private Landowner Network

Reliable Prosperity: Wildlife Corridors

Rewilding North America by Dave Foreman

Saving Nature’s Legacy: Protecting And Restoring Biodiversity  by Reed Noss, Allen Cooperride

Science and Collaboration for Connected Wildlands 

Science publications shared by the Wildlands Network 

TransEcoNet strives to develop and manage transnational ecological networks in Central Europe regarding future land use and biodiversity conservation,

The Wildlands Network

Wildlife Conservation Society 

World Database on Protected Areas 

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