Biohabitats’ Leaf Litter
Vol. 6 Number 3

With the onset of summer, our thoughts often turn to vacation. For many of us, this means a journey to the ocean. The mere act of burying one’s toes in the sand and gazing at the surf can be more rejuvenating than a full body massage. But despite their restorative power, the world’s oceans are sick. Sixteen percent of the world’s coral reefs are disappearing within a single year and populations of various ocean wildlife are declining.

Can something so vast, so powerful and so plentiful really be in peril? How important is marine biodiversity, anyway? Is anyone doing anything about it? How are our oceans governed?

In this issue of Leaf Litter, we’ll plunge into the topic of ocean health as it pertains to the fields of ecological restoration, conservation planning and regenerative design.

We’ll begin by talking with Tom McCann, the Director of Strategic Communications for Ocean Conservancy, an organization dedicated to promoting healthy and diverse ocean ecosystems on through research, education, and science-based advocacy. Based on what you told us in your responses to our reader survey on ocean health. Public education about this issue is critical, so Tom has his work cut out for him.

All is not doom and gloom when it comes to our oceans. In fact, when it comes to oceans, we encourage you to Go Ahead And Play. The number of ways to enjoy the world’s oceans is as expansive as the oceans themselves.Many of you will likely want to dive further into this fascinating topic. We encourage you to do so, and hope that the links we’ve provided are helpful.

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