Favorite animal and ecosystem:

Great Blue Heron. Maybe not the rarest of birds, but to me they are beautiful and wild in an almost prehistoric way, graceful, patient and adaptable. Favorite habitat is probably a tie between northeastern hardwood forests and CA salt marshes.

Favorite thing to do when not working:

I have lots of favorites; gardening, hiking, paddling and hanging with my littles.

Role model:

Rachel Carson – total trailblazer for women in science!

Childhood career ambition:

An “explorer.”  I think I imagined myself a female Indiana Jones meets Rachel Carson?  Ziplines and caves were definitely involved.

Music that instantly puts Rachel in a good mood:

James Brown

Rachel is originally from:

Meadville, PA

Special talent:

I LOVE to cook and especially love to experiment with new foods and interesting combinations.

Most memorable experience in nature:

Banf and Jasper National Parks in B.C. was one of the most stunning nature-inspired trips we have taken.

Favorite food:

Homemade pasta and sauce – Grandma’s recipe.

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