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Recognizing the opportunity to leverage their flood management mission and infrastructure to promote water conservation, the Flood Control District of Marticopa County is demonstrating regional leadership in the stewardship of this most precious resource, water.

Project Description

Spanning most of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, Maricopa County, Arizona is home to more than four million people. Charged with reducing flood risk while also ensuring that stormwater is utilized as a resource for the long-term benefit of people and the environment, the County's Flood Control District turned to Biohabitats for assistance with water resources planning and engineering services.

Through an on-call contract, Biohabitats is helping the District evaluate physical parameters at 62 of their existing flood control structures to determine their potential for the integration of large scale water conservation, including aquifer recharge, ecological enhancement and conservation, and alternative energy development. As part of the evaluation, Biohabitats has helped lead regular progress meetings with key District staff, incorporating their feedback into the process. Earlier tasks involved collection of numerous data layers, development of a geographical information system, and review of other similar organizations and projects that serve as good examples of water conservation. Future efforts will focus on water law, regulatory issues, and other policy structures to identify opportunities to expand the District's capacity to implement these water conservation strategies.



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Flood Control District of Maricopa County, Arizona


Maricopa County, Arizona, United States