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A comprehensive ecological analysis guides the redevelopment of a historic health spa in California's Pope Valley.

Project Description

For nearly a century, travelers flocked to the Aetna Springs Resort in Napa County's Pope Valley seeking the health benefits of its natural mineral springs. The resort, which included a 9-hole golf course, ceased operations in the early 1970s and many of its historic buildings fell into disrepair.

Intending to rejuvenate the site in a way that honored its history while bringing it into deeper harmony with the landscape, Weller Development re-envisioned the resort community. The new Aetna Springs would work with its natural hydrology and habitats to inspire deeper connections to the landscape including heritage gardens, "glamping" accommodations, and other features.

To support the realization of this vision, Biohabitats provided ecological assessment, stewardship, and technical guidance for concept development of this 673-acre site. Biohabitats began by identifying, assessing, and analyzing its ecological assets, and then identifying opportunities to protect and enhance both the site ecology and visitor experience through conservation, ecological restoration, low impact development (LID) and integrated water strategies for sustainably managing and treating stormwater, rainwater, and wastewater.




Expertise Areas

Conservation, Ecological Restoration


Weller Development


Pope Valley, California, United States

Project Team
  • Six Senses