2081 Clipper Park Road Baltimore MD 21211
Visitor center's constructed wetlands
Interactive video display educates visitors about the system

Visionary Wastewater Treatment Design for Visionary Rodale Institute

Founded by J.I. Rodale, one of the first advocates of sustainable, organic farming in the U.S., the Rodale Institute in Kutztown, Pennsylvania is a nonprofit dedicated to pioneering organic farming through research and outreach. When the Institute needed a wastewater treatment system for its new visitor center, Biohabitats created a fitting solution for an organization that devotes itself to studying the link between healthy soil, food and people. The innovative wastewater system is comprised of three main components: rainwater to flush toilets, wetlands to treat wastewater, and a drip irrigation system that uses the treated water to irrigate the building’s landscaping. The wastewater system serves the main visitor restrooms for the farm;  Biohabitats worked closely with the farm director and staff to design a system that was accessible for educational and research purposes, carefully integrated into the welcome area landscape and sensibly designed to be affordable and simple to operate. This system will serve as a demonstration and teaching site to bring the technology to interested visitors. We’d like to think J.I. Rodale would be proud.

Project Profile (PDF)