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Right-of-way bioswale

Right-of-way bioswale

OGI Design Green Infrastructure Design Services

In 2007, the New York City Mayor’s office released PlaNYC, a groundbreaking, multi-agency effort to address New York City’s long-term challenges, including changing climate conditions and an aging combined sewer system. This ultimately led to the development of the “NYC Green Infrastructure Plan,” a multi-agency effort to design, construct and maintain a variety of sustainable green infrastructure practices such as green roofs, rain gardens, and right-of-way bioswales on City owned property such as streets, sidewalks, schools, and public housing.

Biohabitats is helping the City to select sites and develop design solutions for stormwater green infrastructure projects across hundreds of locations within high priority sewer areas.

Right-of-Way Bioswales  Planters filled with native vegetation and a specially designed soil mix installed within public sidewalks to slow down and hold stormwater so it can slowly infiltrate into the ground rather than rush into storm drains and into the combined sewer system.

Stormwater Green Streets  Areas planted with a specially designed soil mix and native plants enable the storage and infiltration of stormwater directly within underutilized portions of the roadway.

On-Site Green Infrastructure  Customized stormwater management strategies which slow down, hold, and slowly release stormwater while adding beauty, habitat and learning opportunities on City-owned property such as schools, public housing, and parks.

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