2081 Clipper Park Road Baltimore MD 21211

Hassalo on 8th Water Feature

Hassalo on 8th, an innovative, four-block, urban redevelopment project that includes a retrofitted office tower and three new, mixed-use buildings. In addition to using innovative, green technologies throughout the site, the developers wanted to create an attractive water feature for the residents of the site’s 637 apartments and visitors to the retail space. Biohabitats water engineers collaborated with the landscape architects at PLACE studio to create an amenity that is both beautiful and consistent with the redevelopment’s focus on sustainability.

A 60,000-gallon rainwater cistern collects runoff from the green roof of one of the buildings and feeds it into a two-part water feature that stretches along a pedestrian corridor in the center of the site. The captured rainwater is recirculated through both features, so no potable water is needed for their operation. The North water feature is a narrow, 100 foot-long channel across the plaza from Hassalo on 8th’s wastewater treatment wetlands, which were also designed by Biohabitats. A floating walkway zigzags over the South water feature, a 200-foot-long cascade of open water and lush vegetation. Together, the two sections of the water feature offer a peaceful space for reflection and relaxation in the midst of a dense, urban environment.

Project Profile (PDF)