2081 Clipper Park Road Baltimore MD 21211
Treatment components in building basement

Treatment components in building basement

South Ashley Street Redevelopment Integrated Water Systems

The 200 South Ashley Street Redevelopment Project is an urban brownfield redevelopment project. A seven-story mixed use residential, office and retail space is planned for the site. The building incorporates numerous ‘green’ features, including onsite wastewater treatment and reuse, rainwater harvesting, storage and reuse, green roofs, heat exchangers and environmentally sound building practices. The integrated design team is aiming for LEED Platinum certification.

To minimize water consumption and maximize reuse, Biohabitats will use integrated wastewater and rainwater harvesting with treatment, reuse and recharge processes. Biohabitats’ design approach includes an onsite wastewater treatment system to produce reuse-quality water for toilet flushing or irrigation. Since this is an urban setting, space is at a high premium. To minimize the treatment system footprint, the primary treatment tank, rainwater harvesting tank, polishing sand filter, mechanical filtration, disinfection and reuse equipment will be beneath the building.

Reclaimed wastewater will be utilized for toilet flushing. In the event of a reclaimed water shortage, harvested rainwater will be filtered and disinfected as a backup source, with potable water supplied only as a last resort. Excess water generated at the site will be used for aquifer recharge.

Project Profile (PDF)