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Ted Turner borrowing bison


I’m not sure how I feel about this one. On one hand, I like Ted Turner and he’s done a great deal for the restoration of western native lands and animals, especially buffalo, and the bison were facing slaughter; but on the other, he’s getting 88 bison that descend from our last free roaming genetically pure herds and putting them on a ranch. Granted it’s a huge ranch, but something might not be right about that. The critics say those buffalo will be commercialized and that they should remain wild and not become livestock. I know transferring the bison to certain Native American tribes was attempted, but unfortunately that fell through. I guess the real problem is how this country and the state of Montana view and categorize wild bison. As long as we continue to manage bison, whether they are Yellowstone bison–part of our last free roaming and unfenced population, or Ted Turner’s herds scattered across the west, like livestock, we’ll always have this problem.

Brian McAveney
Landscape Architect
Biohabitats, Inc.

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