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Food Security: Shout it from the rooftop (and parking lot)!

Keith Bowers
President, Biohabitats

RiceGary Paul Nabhan, who we interviewed for our last issue of Leaf Litter, has an article in The New Mexican newspaper about food security along the boarder states of the U.S. and Mexico.  What is startling is the statement from Forbes in the second paragraph of the article.  Take a look!


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  1. Nick L says:

    The Forbes solutions missed the point, which others have pointed out. Instead of trying to meet the demand of our over-fed Country, fraught with childhood obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, we should be trying to solve the demand-side of the problem. Let's start by charging a fair price for food instead of subsidizing. Pay our farmers what their worth! If people had to start paying for the true cost of meat, we might start eating a few more veggies.

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